Independent Insurance

Why choose an independent insurance agent over online-only insurance? There are many reasons why independent agents are still around. We are better suited for people and businesses who want insurance not just because it's often required by law (like with auto insurance), but for people who value what an independent agent provides. What's the value? We make sure you have the coverage you need should you need to file a claim. We'll make sure you're not left with a huge bill because you didn't click one button on the online form. We know the insurance lingo. We know what happens when you try to save that $50/year because you thought you'd never need it (but we told you it was a good idea, and now you're thanking us for it.) We'll be there for you if you do file a claim, fighting on your behalf with the carrier to get what you're owed. There's so much value to an independent agent. Let us show you what we can do for you! Ronnie Shriner Insurance Agency has been providing insurance in Richmond, VA and the surrounding region since 1989. We're not an outdated service - we're more relevant than ever.